Catching the unheard Delhi Local

When I discovered about Delhi Local Train I was amazed that such a thing existed. The more surprising to me was it runs even now and in the places which I did not expect but so common. Very few people have any idea about it and a lot lesser actually know about it. I decided to experience the Delhi Local and know its present condition.

I and my friends at Shutterbugs decided to visit it on Sunday.

Anyways, we started our journey from Lodhi Colony.
The train came at the right time.

The train was not very pretty but the people in it were.
He posed for it.
The life around the tracks.

Everyone on the train told us that it is empty today because of Sunday but on weekdays, there are a lot of people in it during peak hours.

Life in a metro is not all about Metro, after all.

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Also, thanks to GAWDS to accompany us.