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I was thinking to share my views about the apps I use in my Android smartphone. However, my phone doesn't seem to be smart as I used to suppose and the only reason is its processor speed (660 MHz) and RAM (189 MB). Anyways, I love it coz' that's what I own right now and my parents won't gonna get me a smarter phone in the near future :D.


The one positive thing I can think of is that a less smart phone can make me smarter by torturing me to get most out of that. And everyone knows



Necessity is the cause of invention.

I won't term my apps to be the top android apps or must have android apps but the apps which I use and think that they have good features and bla-bla good things.

_PS: Don't ever think that an Android phone cannot do things beyond what it has as default. Although it is made on Linux and Linux can do anything or above anything you can think of. _

Bluetooth File Transfer

It is one of my most favorite apps. Don't go on its name. Its not just a Bluetooth utility but also a File explorer which can search the files and filter them according to their type, size and date. Regarding Bluetooth, it has superb features. Besides having advanced settings like power saving, cache management; it has also the advanced sharing options like FTP(File Transfer Protocol) for sharing services and OPP (Object Push Profile) for receiving services.
Android Market Link: Click here

App Protector

It is the another app which helps me a lot. I don't use it often now. But a great app for those who want to protect their messages, applications, gallery items and other files from the access of the others. The one thing I like the most about it is its widget. You can turn on the protection service, as you need, by just tapping the widget. I have placed the widget on my home screen and my most of the friends, by mistake, touch it and my precious apps get locked.

I want to make you sure that I am not saying that it is the best app, in its type, in the Android market. Its just that app which I like and hope, you too would like it :).
Android Market Link: Click here


A messaging app, you can guess by the name. A good one. From the earlier version to its present one, it has changed a lot. It now has threaded view like Android has in its default. Plus, the messages you send from it are automatically added to the main messages also. So, you don't have to bother about it individually. It has now better and reliable delivery notification. Just the one thing I hate is that the receiver of my message doesn't get my name rather some 'TD-waysms'. But whatever, it can be used as alternate when you run out of your message pack and you or your girlfriend is missing her/you ;).
Android Market Link: Click here

Mobile Hidden Camera

The lite version of it can click photos and 3 minute videos like no one gets to know. It is installed as "Simple Notepad". The paid version of it provides various features from automatically deletion, secret password for opening it and many others.

Android Market link: Click here

King Kong Lock

Its a good app for hiding images, apps, files and many more. It has various plugins for various types of features. Although, its a very reliable app but one must not believe any app for the data protection. So, having a backup is always a smart job.
Android Market Link: Click here


A top rated developer app. It has a very sleek design. It takes your favorite news websites and shows you the stories in a very beautiful way. It has a list of various websites according to various genres.
Android Market Link: Click here


It is a online music streaming app. You can listen to any Bollywood song on it. It runs well if you have a decent Internet connection. I just have to wait for some 30 seconds to listen the full song without any buffering pause on my Vodafone Internet Pack. It has all the songs from oldest to latest.

Android Market Link: Click here


A great app for structuring thoughts for your ideas. A great mind mapping tool. You don't have pen and paper, oh just use it then. A must have app for writers, poets, programmers and innovators.
Android Market Link: Click here

Code Peeker

A great app for programmers to read their codes on the go. It supports a variety of old and new languages.
Android Market Link: Click here

Terminal Emulator

You must have used Command Prompt in Windows. Just like that there is command line shell in Linux. As Android is made on Linux, you can explore your smart phone by using this app which provides you the built-in Linux command line shell
Android Market Link: Click here


Just want to check your Web Coding and can't get your machine near, use this app. Great app for HTML, CSS, PHP and JS editing.
Android Market Link: Click here

AndroZip File Manager

An app which can zip and unzip files. Now, you don't need to open your PC and then do the stuff. This app can backup the apps and a File Explorer too.
Android Market Link: Click here


DiskUsage shows you the files and directories which consume a lot of space. The interface is very easy and sleek. So, if you are running out of the space then this is the app to show you where to give your consideration to.
Android Market Link: Click here

There are many more good apps. I will tell about them later in my some post. I think that you should get enough time to digest this much information.
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