'My' love ain't 'our' love.. :/

Addressing to the young and teenage generation of India.
All the boys and girls, you must have been attracted to somebody in your life upto now, or may be not; whom you say your crush or love. You may have done something not-so-common thing for him/her. You may have some perspective about love.
Your life, your ideology...
The thing I want to tell is that I want to write a book about some people along with their stories, or precisely saying love stories. Before starting my work, its better to do some research. I have done 50 percent job already. If any one of you guys want to share something with me, share then. All your terms and conditions will be prior to mine. It may not necessarily be a great or legendry story. I don't want to write about laila-majnu type stories. This book will be upon the present generation of India, upon you.
Tell me anything. May be its your break up story or proposal story, your perspective, your thinking, any other thing, any suggestion, any advice, any query. Just tell me. Be frank, be friendly.
Post your comments and I'll contact you myself. You can contact me by Facebook too.