Unlock the root account of your mind

On an _average _day, an _average _person runs about 60,000 thoughts through his mind, and you know what *95% *of those are same as the past day's thoughts.

Even the best-conditioned thinkers use (1/100)th of a percent of their mental capacity on a regular basis.

Suppose you are using guest account on Linux(or Windows). You can't delete something, you can't install something. The *interesting *part is that you think yourself to be the administrator and these limitations to be best for you because (you think) you might get into trouble if you change the way the computer is in. As the time passes, you start saying 'Oh boy! I need these things my way. I want to modify them as per my needs.' _You are intelligent and can make the changes smartly, yet the damn system doesn't allow it (You think so_).

Similarly, we use our mind like a guest account. When we become administrator or root user then we can make it work like we want to. We can even control our heartbeat. But we can't buy these privileges. We have to earn them. In terms of computer technical language, as a root user we can use all the resources and APIs of our mind to control the activities of our body, we think are involuntary.

Good Day guys.... :)

Harsh Choudhary Inspired from The Monk who sold his ferrai