Broken up guy

Guys and Gals, here presenting my poem. The theme of the poem is conveying the situation of post break up. A girl who ended the relationship breaking up the guy's heart. Its unreal and any resemblance will be just co-incidence. Hope you appreciate it... :)
Couldn't get a sight
for the five tight
days long, might
My timing wasn't right
But what when God flips
his rule and take em' light...

Yeah at the eleventh hour I saw her...
she was around and upside went down.
Thinking prior how would I see into her
eyes, 'Harshly' but its noun
the way Harsh sees her.

The whole world disapperaed
I Wasn't caring for around the first time
She shun't had been there coz' it was 5:09
The innocence was brilliant
as it showed every expression of mine
to be conveyed by me resilient...

I was staring at her forlornly
But there got a limit
This time she neither called nor texted
May be she is not as lonely
as I am, but it ain't the thing I expected
Now I can't say 'she is my ...'
Coz' I'm now a broken up guy.
© Harsh Choudhary March 5, 2012