Titanic was Titanic indeed...

100 years ago, A great ship 'Titanic' was sank. All of you must have heard about it, read about it, watched about it. It wasn't mere a ship but a legend. And some people brought about its magnificency by making a movie on it which won eleven oscar awards. And, now, after 100 years, they are giving respect to Titanic once again by producing Titanic in 3D. But it isn't the only thing, by which people are maintaining its dignity. Which was not possible 30 years ago is possible today. People are bringing back the history of the legendry Titanic by using the new technologies. Today, we have the full map of that area of destruction, high definition pictures and videos of sank Titanic.
You may be thinking, whats good about it, why are we giving it so much importance, there are many ships which have sank by now, but why only this? You may think that its just nothing but wasting the time on exploring the Titanic, which sank on its first journey. It was a human mistake, it wasn't magnificient, it wasn't good at all. But today I'll try to tell you why it is so signified.
Who made Titanic, what was its length, breadth, height, what were its facilities, how much it cost? These are the questions which can be found easily by googling. And, keep in mind, I'm too not telling anything which no one except me doesn't know. I'm not a researcher by now.. :D The things I came to know today will only be honoured here.
So lets begin sailing across the Atlantic ocean.
The ship, i.e., The Great Titanic, before collision with ice berg was running very fast. And due to this, the impact was so strong that it broke the ship and made it to inhale the water. So it must be the Captain's mistake who didn't realize the need of slowing it as it was the area of icebergs. But.... it wasn't his mistake, coz' at that time it was quite normal to run ship in such areas untill and unless any ice berg is seen.
Some specialists suppose that the material wasn't good. The nails used for joining the plates weren't good. But I saw on History Channel an experiment on the same nails and plates which were used in Titanic. They were of same material and weighed 300 gm a nail. They kept it under the force of about 15000+ kg. But nails didn't fall apart even if the steel bent.
Some specialists argue that on 14 February 1912, there were some changes in Titanic. A ship was sank at that time and the makers of Titanic felt that the structure of Titanic must be strengthened. Because the ship drown was due to nails which weren't good. So Titanic engineers made three layers instead of two which were joined by the wrought iron nails. The same team again did experiment on it, but it was again concluded that there were no flaws in its architecture. No one knows how much the force was imparted on the Titanic by the ice berg on that bloody day.

Some people think that there were not enough life boats, but that wasn't the case. 700 people were saved. And its greatness is also due to its withstandness of about 3 hours and thats too much for a ship. If it wasn't Titanic the story would be different.
So praying for all the people who died that day and all others who lost their loved ones. But Titanic, no doubt, was an engineering wonder and magnificient of it times. God bless....