Cold night and newspapers!

It is the month of June and I'm remembering winters of Kota. Well, in your mind you can go anywhere and in this lockdown, you are only left to travel by this means. Then why not travel time?

It used to be very cold in Kota. I used to study all night and sleep in the morning after having breakfast. My life has always been like this. I can't remember much time when I wasn't doing anything. I love to do things and that's what I did then.

During those cold nights of winters, my dear friend Kapil and I had a routine to go to our hostel's balcony, towards the main road, at around 3 AM. Our hostel was just around the corner of the Talwandi circle. During that time and that place, the activity of newspapers' distribution used to happen. We used to watch the men handing the newspapers to the delivery boys on cycles and bikes, and chaiwala distributing chai to all those people.

After that, Kapil used to sleep while I continued my studies. At around 6 AM, I generally went out of the hostel to get some breakfast. It used to be very chilling and I was quite surprised at seeing school girls in skirts without wearing any warmer while I was getting iced. Poha, Jalebi and Kachori used rescue me. My Mom wakes up early so I usually called her.

I then used to sleep till 2 hours left for my classes in the afternoon. After all, I was sure of my skills of not waking up in time on my own, but classes - I wouldn't miss.

That's part Kota.