Winter's coming and in Kota!!

Well, this article has been in my drafts for around 5 years. I came up to my blog to write an article about one of the things about Kota and I saw this. There's not reason for it to be in drafts any more. Here it is -

I remembered the time when I bought a sweater in Kota. I went to the store with my friend Saurabh. He helped me picking up the sweater. That was around 700 bucks, I remember. That was a lot for me at that time.

Those were great days. I have experienced a lot in the last six years. I used to think about how the two years would pass and then the four years but they all passed like a moment. I can recall myself studying in the 10th class like a memory just happened in the past few years.

When I was coming home from Kota, I met my friends for the last time and gifted them chocolates as farewell gift. I met Saurabh and Ajinkya who lived in Vigyan Nagar. I could not meet Rohineesh because he had left before me. Tushar (4T) was again a fancy stuff and had dramatic reasons to leave without telling. I met Sharang who was living in Talwandi. Suraj lived in Vigyan Nagar and we met in the rush as he was leaving too. I met Harsh who also used to live in Vigyan Nagar with her Mom. Harshit left on the day of exam so I had met him earlier.

I needed some notes on Surface Tension which I did not have. So I asked Harsh to copy the notes and I would come to bring them. The last day was very hectic. I had to finish my lab so I visited it in the morning as well as evening. My Papa scolded me because I was busy in the Lab and could not pick his phone. I had not packed till night. As the trains were canceled I had to go and get the refund of the tickets from Reservation Center during the day. I was also needed to clear up the things I had like cycle, mattresses, some books. I also visited Mall with Shubham where he bought me many things. We also went to some of our favorite places.

So in the night, I packed everything and I had to get the notes from Harsh. I booked an auto and went to his place to get the notes. He had already got the xerox done. For his concern and favor, I decided to give him some chocolates. He refused to take any so I just left them on his door and ran away. He was really a good friend to do it for me.

It was really hard to leave the Kota. Now it has happened to me twice, leaving Kurukshetra and leaving Kota. I have some junior friends in Kurukshetra and I can recollect the memories for one or two more years but I don't think that I can ever recollect the same memories and feelings by visiting Kota again.

I have remained in touch with my Kota friends through Social Networking. We used to call each other for about two years but now we rarely call each other. Everybody is busy with their life and doing great.

I know where they are as I can see their posts on Facebook. I am really glad that all of us are having a good time and doing good. Everybody is happy, that's what a friend wants.

Smiling over good memories makes me proud that I have good memories because those are not easy to make. :)