Honesty is the best policy, argh!!

Sir is distributing the checked answer sheets of Computer Exam. I am normal and not excited like everybody else.

"There will be no marks raise. Just check the calculation and return the sheets quickly", Sir declares in the class.

There are some students in the intelligent fraternity of the class who are arguing with teacher about the correctness of the answer and there is another set of students who are requesting to get an extra mark.

I have just checked my mistakes and have summed up all the marks. Sir has, by mistake, given me 2 extra marks.

"What should I do? Should I tell the Sir? This can affect my ranking. My parents will be happier by this score. But it is not my marks. My ethics tell me to have what I deserve and therefore, I should tell the teacher", I mumbled to me.

I gather some courage and ask the Sir, "Sir, you have given wrong marks in my sheet".

"No, no no. Nobody is getting any raise. Whatever I have given is alright", he says in loud voice.

"No, Sir. It's not that. You have given extra marks by mistake. I need to get my marks reduced", I quickly reply.

"What?", He gets surprised and asks, "You want to get your marks cut?"

"Yes Sir, because you have given me marks which I don't deserve", I tell him and start wondering that he would not cut my marks because of my honesty.

"Okay, give me your sheet", he replies and cut my marks anyway.

It hurt a lot to lose extra marks while my friends were flaunting their marks.

But it gave me a confidence that I can do it again and I will.