Accept, you are intolerant!!

It happens so frequently that someone's car gets a dent on road and the owner comes out and start quarreling with the one who gets the dent on his car too. I have seen people beating with belt, shoes, kicking the consciousness out. The intolerant person should understand that he is getting his f*ing car on the road with hundreds other, there is a pretty good chance that he would get a dent or two some day. If you can't afford some thousand bucks, buy a cycle with a carrier with it at 2000 Indian rupees.

The biggest problem is illiteracy in this country. I usually come up with such people in this big city, which many dream to fulfill their dreams in, who get angry about anything. Most of the times, I just smile, say sorry and they too smile and everything goes fine. That's the tolerance which still exists. The other times, asking people to stay in queue, not to take wrong sides or not to litter, they get so offended. I just think that they are not paanchvi paas se tez. There is no difference between them and illiterate people. An illiterate person can't understand the road signs and so they do.

For whatever years I have been living on this planet, I have got at least an equal amount of problems from common men (or not) as I got from government.

Let's litter and throw all the abuses people. It's our f*ing land, we are talking about not of someone's baap. :D