Iphone camera to Google Photos

Well, I've been really liking Iphone's camera and Google Photos for some months.

The Iphone gives the best color and sharp photos. My personal favorite is its Slomo. It is not that I cannot do it in my Canon 70D, of course, me and him can do it but I never thought of doing it in the first place. Slomo is easy and the difference between my creativity and results get minimized drastically. That's how I knew what I can do with it.

Google Photos was a backup of my mobile photos at first, unlimited space with a *, but now it has become my one of the full-fledged post processing tools. I love it because it creates so good collages, panoramas, animations and videos. Because of this now I take continuous shots so as to make an animation later and may be as/in some video. See some of my such work on Instagram.

For event photographers, which I am not, it is really great tool. Just upload all the good photos up there and see the magic. Your client would get really happy when they see the video of their event just after some hours of it.

Although I do not process my photos on Google Photos but I recently saw that it has added professional processing tools, like Lightroom, for the photos.

On mobile app, you can create really good videos with it. Just add the clips, photos, sound and effect in its intuitive interface and get ready for the pleasant surprise. For adding GIF, I first convert it to a video file. Last video I created with it was my work while I was lying on my bed before sleeping. You can see all of it, Iphone photo, slomo and my camera, at work in this video in the below link.

Though you can see the final draft, not by Google Photos, here

Keep shooting photos!!

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