My first love broke my heart for the first time

A guy mailed me his story. He got a break up. He doesn't talk to her ex now but he has something always in his mind that keeps him thinking of her. He always think if he should call her, but he never does. He has something to tell her. He is waiting for something to happen, a last thing. And he too doesn't know what it is. He is saying to her (in thoughts) the following.

You aren't with me. This isn't the thing that bothers me but what bothers is the time, you were with me.
What it feels like, you love someone for a long time, you get her and then it ends unexpectedly- I know. I feel it very hard regardless that I've moved on.

That was the time when I was assured by you. If no one could understand me, I was always certain that you would.

Now I'm without you but its all right, I have my friends, my family around. My daily routine keeps me busy all day long. Now, I sometimes think how could I manage to get time to talk to you ,previously. The thorn is your memory. The songs I used to dedicate to you, the chat. When I used to have 15 friends online and I was only talking to you.
The thing is, I miss a companion and I regret to have you that one for some part of my life.
I don't want to miss you but I can't help it because my first love broke my heart. :( ;(