A small person with a big heart in a small town

'Choudhary Sahab'
I turned back and saw there was no one. Then I saw rightwards. I saw a
person sitting outside a saloon. It wasn't a so called saloon, coz no,wash basin, no modern equipments except electric trimmer, no fancy
things. Only mirrors in front and behind, two chairs, one TV, one
hindi newspaper. That was a hair-cutting-shop you can expect in a
small town. I used to have hair cut from there.

'Namastey uncle'
'Aur bhi Choudhary Sahab, kaise ho?', he said.
'Acha hu uncle, aap kaise ho?', I replied.
'Bs mai b bdia hu'
'Aur btao uncle sb kaisa chal raha hai?'
'Sb bdia hai', he replied.

Then a neighbour shopkeeper came for something and they started
talking. Meanwhile, I observed the surrounding.
All the shopkeepers so lazy, they have nothing to do except playing
cards. Their old style shops, old things to sell, ordinary attitude.
One or two customers come and they slowly give them what they want, anyhow. :/

'Chuttiya chal rhi h kya?', He interupted my thoughts.
Uunnhh,... Ha uncle, kal hi aaya tha', I replied.
Kis chiz ka course kar rahe ho, he asked.
B.Tech, I answered.
Kahan se
NIT Kurukshetra se
Acha Kurukshetra se. Kota b to gaye hue the, vahan ka course ho
gaya?, he asked.
Ha uncle;
Vaha kis chiz ka course kar rahe the?
Uncle engineering colleges me admission lene ke lie test dena padta hai, usi test ki taiyari karne k lie kota gaya tha, I told him.
He was listening me keenly.
Then we chat for some more time. He was very happy talking with me.
Then I picked up the newspaper. Just then, a customer came. In a small
town, every face is acquaint. He starts talking with him doing the job in parallel.
In a small town, its a good thing that people at least, ask "How are you". They were laughing. Discussing no-mutual thing and getting mutual out of that. They were behaving like if they were best friends.
The thing was, besides his earnings, which was only 15 bucks per head,
he was very happy. He was seemed to be satisfied. He was finding happiness in every chat he was having.
I was surprised. I was thinking how could he get this much
satisfaction and patience. Is there any 'Kota' for it too?
Okey uncle, see you tomorrow, I too need a hair cut, I smirked.

Good day guys....