Breaking thru the walls of mind- Advanced science discovered long before

We are always eager to use latest technology which makes our work easy, efficient and fast. From the very beginning of the day, we start using Science wonders. We can’t survive without them. The flush of the toilet, the pot itself, the toothbrush, the toothpaste, tap, shampoo,soap, comb and much more we go thru everyday (regardless of our punctuality to take bath).

So, we see that we have the Science wonders all around us. Sometimes, we think, they are amazing and if you don’t think so, then think right now if they are so. What do you think what is behind them? You may say- Technology. That’s true. Our advancing technology is that what makes all these things for us. We may term them ‘gadgets’, No??

Going deeper, Great technology is the result of great minds and hard work of those great minds(not talking about the production but the invention). And after seeing the earth, we will be in a safe position to conclude that Humans are the most intelligent specie of the earth.
But is that enough? I mean, is only this much our potential? Yeah, we are progressing. But are we progressing only in one direction? The answer is ‘No’. There are so much researches and experiments running on our potential at present we don’t know about.They are considering the every aspect of human mind, either it is scientific or spiritual. But do normal people, like us, really know about it? Do we apply it? Actually these discoveries are very ancient and is not utilised by the generation of now, us, rather they are regarded as blind, stupid and foolish. So by standing here, I want to let you know what you think you are, you aren’t. We think we are smart enough, but it isn’t enough. We don’t see the every aspect of the things, we think about; rather we have put limitations to our thinking upon these things. And thus, we don’t think beyond these limitations. We think, what we have seen, or felt, or using or know are all what exist on this earth. We admit that Science can do everything and nothing is impossible, yet we literally don’t mean it. Let me tell you an incident that happened with me.

I had seen many serials in my childhood, in which a person becomes conscious in his dream and does whatever he wants to. I didn’t believe it because I wasn’t having any scientific explanation to it. Then I saw ‘Inception’ movie in which there are many interesting jobs done by becoming conscious in dream. I got it some true.So I googled about it and I came to know that this can really happen and happens too at present. For your kind info, these type of dreams are known as ‘Lucid Dreams’. And this also helps many world known organizations like CIA and FBI to solve many cases. And not only this, but there are many things in the world which are still mystery to us. I tell you, I too have dreamt lucid three times and when I told it to my good friend, she didn’t believe it and said- This can’t happen. Even if I told her its principle she didn’t believe me. Because she had limitations to her mind and she too didn’t want to break it.

The thing is to expand our mind to have the sense of Advanced Technology, not only in the direction we are currently going in but the other side of it which is inherited to us.
Yes, we have the technology within.

Have you ever went to temple? What do you do there? You pray in front of an idol. You make rounds around the temple or idol. Why do you do so? Why temple is so soothing? Because there is pure and positive energy. This energy isn’t like potential or kinetic energy bla bla. When you make rounds around it, the vibrations are transferred to one another. And this is a fact. When you pronounce the pure sounds like “Om”, there is also generated vibrations. So, it isn’t a disbelief. People don’t know the reasons for it, they say it Bhakti and all those type of words. Don’t think that it doesn’t make sense, it really does. If you can’t believe it than it is so because you haven’t ever learnt about this science. There are many instruments which can show these vibrations. And the pronunciation of the pure words like “Om” has a practical application too, beside this, in medical science to cure many diseases.

In many photos of God, you must have seen a circle of bright light behind God’s head or his whole body. Thats same is ejected by us too. But its intensity is too low, and that's the other issue why it is so. You may say- we haven’t see that bright light behind us or behind anybody. And if you don’t say this, then I must accept that you are waiting for me to answer. You too haven’t seen ultraviolet light or infrared or any other which doesn’t lie in visible region. This is the same. As you know, everything in the universe attract everybody, remember Gravitation chapter, then its not surprising to emit light too. This light or energy sheath is known as Aura (AURA). You can see Aura after some practice and you can contact me for this in person.

I talked of Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is another application of this science. If you can control your mind while dreaming you can do much more besides fantasy. You can get answers of many questions. You can interact with your own sub-conscious mind.You can find out
● What is your deal career?
● Where will you live in the world?
● How can you become wealthy?
● What is the purpose of your life?
● Your greatest fantasy!
● Yourself in 10 years!
You know, in dreams, digital clocks and electrical appliances don’t work. If, for example, bulb is on, then switch doesn’t work. Means switching it off won’t off it.

Next thing I want to tell you is ESP ability, i.e. Extra Sensory Perception ability. You must have seen it in TV. I won’t waste time over making you believe that it exists, because it exists. The world famous organizations I told you earlier use this to solve cases. It is like 6th sense. You all can develop it. It may be new to it, but it is too ancient. But to develop this ability, you have to do practice a lot, practise Manifestation. You have to be very good at imagination. Like you have to think that you have a ball in your hand and you are revolving you hands around it. You have to do just like you have a real ball in your hands. Then you throw it on the wall. You have to purely imagine that the ball is going like a real and it strikes the wall and it scatters into the thousands parts and you have to imagine all the parts how they are behaving. By practicing a lot you can be good at that. And then you can make anything move out of your way.

Next is Hypnosis. In hypnosis state, you get to detach yourself from the surrounding. Therapists use it to recover lost memory to putting it onto the path of self discovery.

So you see, our mind is very powerful and is a resource to human resource. Not only these are the things, but there are many which are yet to be unfolded before you and me. To analyze your mind and to fully use it, we have to expand our thinking. We have to think beyond are limits, that no one but we have put ourselves. Using your powers of mind you can prove that God exists. And these things are not alien, but science. Science is not only atoms and waves. But much more you need to admit in order to unleash its power. The mythology is a great source of it. You can fly, or get invisible not only in the world of dreams but too in the world of reality. In fact, you can build castle in the air.
Have a nice day guys...
© Harsh Choudhary 2012