Friend is a friend

'Hey, pass me the ball and go ahead' I said.
Having end-sem exams of college. Got two days off between the exams and we were all set to play Basket Ball at six in the morning (quite late, I know).
Praveen and I are roommies and good friends (but we don't say so in public :D). _We behave like enemies. _We were in opposite teams. _
I was having ball in my hand and was dribbling. But my foe took the ball from me. My two co-players got to run behind him. And I was shouting," Maar daalo saale ko."
All laughed.
He could put the ball successfully into the basket.
After the basket, we got the ball. I was already in opponent's team court. My co-player passed me the ball. There was no one in front of me. I ran to the basket, dribbling the ball. And was about to take lap shot. But Praveen was behind me and as soon as I was to take lap shot, somehow our legs collided and I was about to fall. But he, somehow, grabbed me from back. If he didn't grab me, I would fall on mouth and I was in speed and that's why it could prove severe for me.
_Although we say, "I don't care", we actually do.

_But I still say 'Bhale hi mujhe kuch bhi ho jaye but Tiwari (Praveen) khush nhi rehna chaiye.' :) _
Good day guys..