25th May

Sorry guys, I was kinda busy for some days. I know, a few people do read my blog and few do it regularly but I will update for those people even if they don't exist. College stuffs, you know. We don't study in whole the sem, and the one-night-fight is left as our last choice. Actually, the thing, for which I'm justifying why I didn't update, is 25th May. Yeah, it is not mere a date for me, but a special one. The first reason is my brother's b'day and third is my friend's Sanchit's b'day. I left the second, but that is what made me write about 25th May here. Before I tell you anything else about it, I should unfold the day 25th May, 2011.

'Nobody will sleep till 12', my bro (Sachin) said.

It was 11:50 pm. We were on the terrace of the house of Dadi (Grandma). We were spending our some part of vacations there and that was the last night of it. The next day was 25th May. I was with my bro Sachin, my cousins, nephew and niece, uncle and aunt (they stay with Dadi) on the roof.

'Okey, we won't', everybody shouted. It was fifth time in an hour, he was reminding us.
'So Di, now its your turn to sing song, I finished with k', I said.
'I don't have any song left which starts with k, you win', Di said.
I turned back to Chacha 'Chachu, we have won.'
'Hmmmmm, good', he said by sleepy head.
'Oh Di, he too has lost into his dreams', I said.
'Sachin gonna kill them all', she said.
'Yaa', I replied. :D

We then started staring on the stars, coz' we were left with nothing to do with. 12 came. We turned to Sachin, "Happy B'da....." Duh... he was sleeping. And besides him and except Di and me, all had sold horses. I woke him up and we wished him. Then allowed him to sleep. If we had not slept just for wishing him then how we could leave him ;). I wished Di 'Good night' and closed the eyes. As soon as they were closed, a wave transferred from up to bottom as it was 25th May.

Birds chirping, and I was like amidst of a natural valley, Sun rising, pure and cool breeze. There was no one on my side. They all had woken up before me. I went to the edge and saw everybody seating downstairs.

'What's the time?', I said.
'There's time for that, :D', Sachin said.
'Don't irritate me even if it's your b'day', I said, 'Someone please tell me the time.'
'6 o'clock', Chacha told.
'Thanks', I greeted and went downstairs.

I took bath, got breakfast. We were to go at 8. Sachin, with our nephew and niece, was planning the b'day party. I was all alone with Chacha's mobile. It was 7:45. Di was talking with Grandma. Chacha and chachi were preparing for our farewell and Bhaiya... he was enjoying the hospitality.
I was refreshing a page on a site on Cha's mobile. It was busy. After many trials, I could open it.

My nephew and niece came to me, 'What happened?'
'Nothing', I replied.
'So, why are you so?', he asked, 'Have you got what you expected?'
'Mama', he again asked.
'No...', I told.
That 3rd grade guy all the way went to Di shouting out loud, 'Mummy, Mama has failed.'
'Hey, no. I haven't' , I shouted but then lowered my voice,' It's just I couldn't get qualified.' IT WAS MY JEE RESULT.

I went outside. Bhaiya caught me and said, 'Lets hear some music' and took me into the car and turned on the music. Bhaiya was totally unaware of that. I was thinking why I was not crying. I was just that, it happened and it was the fact and it is the fact. I got call from my best friend Shubham Gupta. I got out of the car and went at some distance to talk to him.

'I know', he said.
'Why yaar? Why with me?', I asked him.
He said, 'Its o....'
I interrupted him, 'You know naa, how much hard work I had put for it, I had sacrificed many things for it. I didn't even buy a multimedia mobile' And the Kota days flash backed in my mind. I cried. I couldn't talk to him. He was trying to make me not to feel bad. He, at last, said, 'I know, you don't want to talk now, I should call you later' and I said, 'Yes, thanks' and cut the phone. And after that. I was crying so hard. I didn't want to express that I was really crying. But my nephew saw me. He told to Bhaiya and he ran to me, hugged me and asked me 'What happened?'

Then my niece told him about the result. All came to me. Trying to stop my tears. After 10 minutes, we took the farewell. I was on the side of the door and was weeping. My niece was beside me and she told about it to Di. Then she sat beside me. But I, somehow, managed to weep. All were trying to make me laugh, make me happy, make me smile. But it is really very hard to fake a smile at the type of moment, I was having.

We did lunch. Di was having appointment with a Doctor. So we went with her. I was outside the clinic. I talked to Mummy, coz' I could talk only a little with Mummy in the morning. After that, we went to a mall for shopping. I wasn't excited for anything. But my mood was far more good then it was in the morning. I helped them all to buy their stuffs and lastly, it was about my stuff.

I got call from Papa and I was very afraid of him and I just couldn't attend the call. Then Di got the call and I had to take the call. Papa didn't scold me. So, it went just opposite to my expectation that he would scold me (after all day started with what I didn't expect). I felt relaxed after it. Then I started shopping for my stuff although didn't shop much. As we reached Di's home, I took two glasses of Glucon-D. That day told me how energetic Glucon-D is because I hadn't eaten anything from morning and did many jibs after that. I all set to play with the lil' children. Its a real fun to play with them, I tell you. We played Cricket. At night, it was party time. I danced a lot that day. I was totally happy. I had forgotten the pain of JEE. When I went to bed, I thought how I could change myself from morning to night. I was so depressed in the morning and so happy in the night. I was supposed to be sad all day long but I don't know, even today, what was that which took me from the greatest depression of my life till that day.

Now, I am in NIT Kurukshetra. The day (25th May) came again. And I had to think about it. Life isn't only about celebrating birthdays, victories, achievement each year; but also about getting stronger and getting lessons from the losses we had. Tried again for JEE. Could get a rank but won't be able to get IIT. Did hard work a lot. But I think, God has planned something different for me. God does everything for good. So whatever happening to me, either be good or bad, is in favor of me. And that's why, I always thank God. I'm not alone in this world like this. But I have to become the only one, of my kind, in this world.
Happy to be me...

_Good day guys... :) _