A kid, a mother and Noida Auto

Noida Auto Rickshaw is a proof of non-decency. When you get down from the metro it is the public transport to commute in the city. It is not the only option though, there are buses, cycle-rickshaw and online taxi booking, of course.

The big auto always carries 12 people including driver. There are four seats in back, those are the comfortable ones. In opposite direction of the motion, there are four more seats in front of the back seats. The most airy seats are in front with the driver. You are hanging half in auto and half outside. Drivers are usually very flexible, they can twist their bodies to adjust the people. Sometimes you may not know who is the driver because driver is apparently not in his seat.

You get a diversity of creatures when you commute daily. Today, there was a newly married couple. Yes right, that is the same get-up of the lady as you just got in your mind, Red-pink Saree, lot of bangles, extra make-up. The man, on the other side, was very weird. He was wearing a green check shirt, fine, used to be in fashion. A black track pants, dude! And that was not it when I saw brown leather shoes. Girls in India are gifted to have sense of dressing, at least when they put on Saree or Suits.

There was a boy seating in the back seat, the most comfortable one. His mother was seating beside me in front of him. When the seat on the other side of me got vacant, he made a hand gesture towards me to slip to the other side so that he get to sit with his mother. I smiled and moved and he sat with his mother. It was a very nice gesture to see in the morning.

Good Day :)