Mozilla at Queen of Hills - Mussoorie

'You all are from same college' - asked a fellow tourist.
'No' - we said in unison.
'You all are from same place?' - her wife asked.
'No, some of us are students, others are working and we all live in different cities' – we told the couple celebrating one of them birthday.
'Then how are you all together?' - they asked.
'We have one thing in common – Mozilla, we are Mozpacers' and then we told briefly about Mozilla community and how it is making a difference for making web more open.

That is when I realized the essence of MozStumble trip is felt by everyone.

Friday 11th Sept, I was last to reach the Delhi Railway Station, because the metro got stuck. One of the Mozpacers lead, Ajay, had birthday that day. It was amazing to see a lot of balloons in the train compartment for two minutes because after that everybody popped them all. Ajay cut the cake and the trip started from having the delicious cake.

As I got late and apparently the most silent person in the group, I was given a task to shift the passenger in our compartment to another one. I tried but could not make her change the seat. We continued our game of Truth and Dare. There were interesting tasks followed like selling something, making funny gestures to singing songs in front of random passengers.

We visited many places in the Mussoorie.

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In the train, stumbling could not be done properly because of very weak GPS signals. We went to many places like Company Garden, Mall Road, Gun Point but what mattered was we all were having fun together. We clicked a hell lot of pictures.

We met some students who too came to visit Mussoorie. They wanted to know about us and Mozilla. We told them about Mozilla and gave them some of the goodies.

We got to know that we had great singers and poets among us when we sat for Bonfire at night. We even danced and did a fashion parade on the beats of EDM.

We had a very diversified group of people. So, we get to learn and know many new things from each other. Some were students and some were experienced professionals, all had different hobbies so there was a very healthy exchange of knowledge.

We did MozYoga at George Everest :P

Overall it was a great MozTrip and stumbling all the way. Everybody and me now feel more encouraged to contribute to Mozilla's mission.