Does corruption mean black money or mentality????

Its the part of our life now. Whenever we hear the word, what comes to our mind? Obviously, the image of black money, public departments and may be some big scams of corruption like CWG and Adarsh Housing Society (I don't know if it is Aadarsh or Adarsh, and nor wanna Google). The biggest delinquents, we can think of, are government officials. But how can we people say that we are different from them, i.e., we are _not convicts._ Just because, the daily scams, we do, are not that very big. Just because those activities of us only affect a few people and the activities of government affect the whole nation and thus, their black activities can be termed as scam and come under the category of corruption.

The first and foremost thing is that government is a single body and we, the public, is also a single body but it is large. Next thing is, we can't make the government stand on a separate line, which makes them culprits but not us. Just because they are doing those activities in a so-called organization, government, and we are public, so no blame on us. Government is our collective choice. And those people in government are from us. Our life is surrounded by a lesser number of people than theirs and that's why what we do doesn't affect much but their activities do. They are just like us. If we are not that rich, then we will do some mess of order of 1000 rupees and a richer person may do of some more thousands, and even richer than him may do of some lakhs and so on. So, its the level of people what decides the effect of their activities, otherwise, intentions and mentality is all same.

So, the conclusion of above paragraph is that if you are a political leader, then your same small scam will affect a large number of people and ironically, it will literally be called a Scam.

In India, many people do blame reservation system. (One time, teacher asked if we favor reservation then my friend said, 'Yes, because it makes our journey easy and comfortable' He mistook the word and thought of the railway reservation system). But it is not the thing to laugh about. Reservation in education and jobs also make the same sense. The difference is that, you have to earn Railway Reservation.

The category of people, who do blame the reservation, are generally those people who doesn't come in any reservation quota. So, have you noted? The people who get the facility of reservation are happy and the other category of people are not. The frustration of not getting reservation, by these people, gets out of them in the form of blaming the government and those people. Of course, they are right in their own terms. They think they are different from the people, who got reservation. *But they are not. *If they were the people of benefited category then they would have surely used the reservation to make their life easy and comfortable.

Nowadays, I travel through Metro daily. One day, I was sitting on the seat reserved for ladies.

A lady came and made me to get up from the seat and got the seat. She just pointed her finger upwards and what I read was

I whispered "Fuck". But I was unable to get any seat in this overpopulated metro. "Okey, I won't sit on the reserved seats later on", I thought. But the day after that, I began to notice something about mentality of ladies, or more precisely girls. And what I noticed was that some girls just enter and go straight to the reserved seats meant for ladies. And make the gents move away. They, you know, think that they are ladies in spite of the fact that they are teen or young girls. Its very good of gents that they give up their seats to these teen ladies because they are the most close candidates for the seats. Gents know that these seats belong more to the girls than to them. Its all fine.

But one day, what I saw was that a girl made a boy give up the seat. That girl was not more than 20 years and she could stand with no problem but she didn't do that and got the seat. That guy needed the seat more than her (need not tell why that guy needed it more because that's not the theme).

So, the thing I wanna convey is the seat, however it is reserved for ladies, should be given to the person who needs it more than they do. And that person can be a girl, or a lady, or a boy or some old person. I don't wanna, here, criticize girls for their act nor wanna favor boys but the main and simple thing is the mentality of people. If, in metro or any public transport, there are seats reserved for gents too then they may get it on the price of giving up the comfort of the other needy person. But thanks to God, the world has not went so far to cruelty.

The conclusion, we can draw is that people often use the advantages they get and all the resources and sources to get comfort in life. Its not that, only OBC or SC/ST want to have seats using their quota but also, if general category people were on the same place, they are, they would also avail the advantage of reservation. The main problem is with the mentality of the people, I guess. As far as I could research till now, I could get to know that mentality of the people is the cause. People, themselves, don't want to do any struggle. They just want their lives easy and thus, don't think about their nation and other people. And after some scam they say-Its all the government.

Good day guys :)*_ _*

© Harsh Choudhary, June 2012

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