Relationship between you and your parents

Hi Guys, this is an article I wrote in 2010. May be its not good, but as I was rolling back to my memories I noticed that it is not that bad to be published here. Also, I haven't blogged for more than a month, thus I needed something to publish here.

“You don’t know. You can’t understand” These are the standard quotes, most of us use for our mother whenever we feel that she is not understanding us. She’s smart or not but feelings and curiosity to find out our problems are just real and unmatchable. By the way, why this happens? What’s the cause? Why can’t she understand our problems but she could do it in past? These all can be answered if we look over our past.

When we were kids, there was a woman who could understand us. Gradually, she has lost her understanding for us. Is this an age effect? Then why we have better understanding day by day? Coz’ we are getting young and she is getting old, or we are learning daily but she is not and hence, degrading. But it’s not the reason. I think, it doesn’t even touch the reason but if it touches, we can neglect it.

Okay, rolling towards our concern, let’s go back to the past not with a time machine but with the sense of feelings, emotions and human. We were a baby, who had no teeth, who could not talk but could cry very hard (:D). We were not able to memorize the things we saw, we listened, we felt and so. And also, no one knew what we used to feel. But there was a one who could. And luckily, that person was with us. (And those who didn’t have, don’t be sad. If you don’t own one thing, God has planned another for you) She knew everything. She was with us at the times, we didn’t have understanding of anything and also, she is with us now when we think that she has no understanding. We were free to do whatever we liked. , because there was she for us to make us take right steps.

Gradually, when we become someone who have teeth, who can talk, who can walk and who goes to school, who can tell what happens to him. Then along all these qualities, we learnt some naughty things to do. And that’s what the first step of strengthening or weakening our relationship with her. (Not exactly the relationship but the intimacy) She, then, scolded us. But we were lil’champs. How can anyone restrict us to not do something we like. We used to did that again or the another, and again got scolded by her. And then onwards, we began to hide the things for which there were chances to get scolded.

We, then, became teenagers. We got the other edge of feelings. And we began to learn that our mother wouldn’t understand us if we got to tell her. We had the so-called-best friends who were not more than best buddies. We used to tell them but not the mother. May be, we thought that there is age difference which can produce the problem of solution rather than solution of problem. Does this mean that our mother doesn’t know how to take care of us? No, this doesn’t. These all depends upon our expectations. We expect our mother to understand us, to befriend us. But is it the only factor? NO, we just think what we wanna think. Mother, or say parents are not always able to manage due to their past experience, their thinking, perception. All beings are different. This is what differs to person to person and age group to age group. Human beings have complex mind then how can we expect our mother to think straight forward to our situations and problems while we are not thinking to their situation. I’m sure that you must have scolded your younger brother or sister in the past (don’t think of exceptions), couldn’t you think like them?

So, you must have admitted that parents can’t be friendly always and this is friendly for us. Continue reading to find how it is so. Your friends don’t scold you. True friends do but all are not that very lucky to get true friends. Friends don’t have a drastic effect on you. They have, generally, less contribution to change your character (not talking about positive to negative). So, it is crucial for them to behave non-friendly at times.

Now moving towards the father. Father loves us the way different to mother. Father can’t love the same way but it doesn’t mean at all that he loves us less. Father can’t understand us the way mother does. But to my personal experience, I have seen my father feeling me, understanding me. Father is somewhat less able to show his love than mother but he loves. Someone in the family must be strong emotionally. Father does work hard for the family. You are very lucky that your father trusts your mother so much that he doesn’t worry about you much. Don’t think the other way. Just think positive. I don’t wanna discuss the negative thoughts. We can feel their love if we wanna feel and we ought to feel that. Be close to them. As you grow up, your understanding get brighten and you can establish a much closer relationship with them. They always love you in every circumstance. You are most handsome or beautiful to them. So, just feel the love, feel them and feel life.

Good Day guys (: :)
© _Harsh Choudhary 2010