From good to another good...

My third semester is over now. Having a good feeling that I have crossed a one more level of my education. But this feeling is hindered by the mixed feeling of going home, that too for two weeks and getting free from the busy schedule. The everyday busy schedule always tried to make me uneasy. All the stuffs which were insignificant were always at top of the to-do-list. Always had a thought, just some more days and would be free to do whatever I wanted.

Now I’m free. There’s no exam or practical viva today. But everybody has gone now, the stuffs I wanted to do are least significant for my fun. Now I’m thinking that busy life is best. I think the fun is not ‘doing the insignificant things’ but doing them exclusively in the busy schedule.

I this morning had to set off for home. I had planned to leave hostel at 9. It was 8:06 and I was in bed. The disorganized things and organized junks were all over the room. Bag unpacked. I got ready and went to friend’s room to collect my shoes and Pen Drive. He was not at his room, must be in Bathroom. I opened his shelf. I got the same smell as I used to get going to school as a kid. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the smell.

That was indeed fun going to school. Everybody used to be fresh, well-dressed, well-combed, well-tied, fully buttoned shirt, well organized school bag. There was no fashion to impress anyone. School Bus was the coolest bus. I used to sit in front because of the wide clear view. I watched each student how he ran on getting late, how he got into the bus. I always wished that bus journey would never end but hoped for the opposite at reverse route, i.e, back to home.

I am experiencing one of the best moments of my life and still cherishing the old good moments. What I think is that life is not about some good moments but is composed of good moments divided in segments. When you are in one segment of it, you remember the old ones and plan for incoming ones.

‘When are you leaving’, my friend asked me.

‘Can we record smells?’, I asked him.

‘What?’, he asked.

‘Can we record’, I turned back and said, ‘or store smell?’

‘ Hmm, yeah. Perfumes do that job’, he replied.

‘No, not in the same form but in some coded way like sounds and videos’, I said.

‘ Hmm, I don’t think so’, he replied.

‘We can. Our mind does so. There’s no bottle or kinda space in our brains to store smell but there’s some code which is stored for it. God is indeed a great programmer, how well he has programmed us’, I told him.

'Oh really', he frowned ambiguously.

Smell in Code


©Harsh Choudhary, December 2012
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