Once upon a time, I sucked at speaking

Hi all!!

I remember when I used to suck at speaking English. English... pff, how to pronounce those damn words. But my teacher used to make me read out a paragraph daily. One day, I felt so humiliated that I decided that next time I would not stuck at hard words.

I went to my one neighbor, she was very senior to me, and asked her to help me in reading the chapter correctly. We worked out the whole chapter and I was pronouncing the every single word correctly.

Next day, as I expected, Mam called me to read out the chapter to whole class. Neither Mam nor any student from the class was expecting any good from me. To their surprise, I read out the whole chapter without any problem. Mam was very happy and she made the whole class to clap for me. My confidence got boost up and I tried to get better at English and speaking English.

By 5th standard, I was writing articles on various topics while my classmates were busy cramming the 'Application for getting sick leave' and 'My Best Friend'.

But that was not the last time, I got humiliated in front of people. I loved to give speeches and one time I decided to give it without any paper to help me on stage. And after two paragraphs, in the morning assembly of my school, my brain washed out. I could not remember the next words. Teachers, behind me, told me to just say 'Thanks' and finish the speech. I did that and went to the room back-stage and cried. My Principal came to me and praised me for being brave and said 'you spoke well '. From that time, when I gave my next speech in a Speech Competition, I got first.

The thing was I never gave up just because I failed. I got numerous situations in my life where I failed and got to be the best. I always believe 'don't get so down by your failure and don't get so high by your success'.

By the way, in a Mono Acting competition, two months past, I sucked really bad. No one laughed at me while I was on stage. Well, that's not bad. No, I was doing the comedy and everybody was figuring out what I was doing.


Happy Day!!