Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Hi movie-holics!

After a while, I have watched a good Indian movie - Tanu weds Manu Returns. To whatever knowledge I have, it was shot beautifully. Not like many movies, in which color toning fades the real look and feel of the place, it depicted all the places perfectly whether it was London or Kanpur or Delhi or Chandigarh or Jhajjar.

The best thing, I liked about the movie, was the details in the movie. 'Datto' was the new character of the series and a very good work was being done by Kangana, director and the team in depicting her fully. The dress, accent, hairstyle, bag, tiffin, everything was put up so in sync with the reality.

Other than this, this movie had also lot to taught in between the humorous punches. How carelessness, like Tanu's, can break the marriage. The people like Pappi who misunderstand the chat with a girl and take it more than that. The girl like Datto who is self-dependent and is very confident and brave. There are many people like family members of Datto who are not open with their thinking. Haryana has produced a lot of girls like Datto who are very talented and have excelled in their fields. Yet their family members do not acknowledge their accomplishment and treat them wrong. The movie taught it beautifully by the speech of Datto's brother.

Tanu's friend did not tell about the child to his husband and was living in the guilt. It was a very important thing for a husband. Husbands and wives must understand that they should always discuss the stuffs with each other. A person should not act like Manu as he was in very emotional state, his decisions of divorce and another marriage were not good and they affected a lot of people around him. We should always stay calm and act wisely in such state of mind.

And yeah obviously, Awasthi taught us that luck can be as bad as him.

It was a very light and delightful movie. The comedy was refreshing and it made me and other fellow people laugh like LOL.

Have a nice day!