The girl next door

A guy told me about his crush. He likes a girl, who lives just opposite to his home. The girl's family has been living there only for two years. He has met her only once. All the other info, he got, is because of his father's and mother's talk with her family. She is of same age and in same stream but in different college, different cities. That's why, both have come to their home in vacations only. He, somehow, got to know that she's leaving for her maternal grandfather's home for spending vacations. And he is too shy to talk to her. *_May be you can give him some advice (Comment here) _.Below is the incidence happened with him in his tongue*....

You are leaving, I know. I've come out of house just for you. I'm standing at the gate just for you. Oh God, please let me see her face once. I'm waiting for her for past three days. Uncle(her father), please come out and talk to me and say 'Beta, mil aao' as you said me the first time. I'm a nice guy. Me and she are in same stream. Oh God....

Oh God, there she is, on her terrace**. **Thank God, you are great. She is with her father. Uncle, call me upstairs. Do you know, I'm in the town? I'm too a dumb, can't I talk to him myself...... ;/ But the case is her. And she turned to me and as soon as she saw me I turned my eyes somewhere else to avoid meeting our eyes. _
_(I knew that she was watching me.)

I know what you are thinking. That I am here. Don't know what comes to your mind after it. But the girl, its not a coincidence. We, guys, do stand against our gals', or say fav gals', houses like this just to see your faces. You never come to know our struggle.

She has gone now. Thank God, at least, I could see her before she leaves.

Hey fool me, why did I moved my eyes? *smirks* :)

(C) Harsh Choudhary, June 2012