The last day

Guys, here presenting my latest poem. Its about the time of break up. A girl broke up with a very loving boy. And that guy is talking to her over phone. Trying to **convince her, but she.......... :) Read it and get to know......**

The day you did that
was the day I cried a river
The day you did that
brought me a new change
The day you did that
is the day now I fear
The day you did that
makes me like I don't care.

The day was the one
tears talked to me,
Memories do transform
they told me.

After all the sweet time
when you said the bitter,
Tears from the eyes mine
rolled out and said to me.

Ask the angel about the validity
of the statement she just said,
You told 'the fact is its solidity
now live with it or be mad.'

Princess, I loved you more like a love song
and you're doing what I don't deserve,
Admit it or not but you do belong
to me, I take the oath of the heaven.

Whom do I belong is my choice
but you never gonna get me, that's sure
I'm sorry for the promises I made
I can't keep them, I don't have any cure.

What about the past we lived together,
In all my dreams, you are there,
and you are saying, in future neither
you nor your anything will be with me.

I don't deny the fact you gave your heart
but you never understood you don't have mine,
You were never my part, now we are apart,
You didn't think, even if you had the sign.

Now tell me one last time
All the beats you were supposed to skip
All the meets, we have did
All the moments, we shared
Were all they fake, just make clear.

You said Yes
I cut the phone
went into the room I pressed
all the switches to make it hell.

Lying on the bed, I was crying
I was damn sad, but it was last time
Allowed the tears to run the wave
to the empty, I knew it was unfav.

It wasn't a night
but the ending took time
to heal the wounds
I got for her crime.

Although spots still live
So I'll take time
to not produce more
to start up my new rhyme.

(C) Harsh Choudhary, June 2012