White balloon - the flash diffuser

I did not have any good experience with flash until I paid attention to studio photography at my office (It is an IT Company :P ). I even got a good picture for my Facebook profile picture. Earlier studio photos were only used as Passport size photo and Raashan Cards.

This weekend I was playing with my little cousin. We were indoor and she had a white balloon so I decided to use that as my flash diffuser. To my surprise I found a huge difference.

Balloon Diffuser made the difference

You can see for yourself that in the first photo, the balloon diffuser has made the light softer.

This was the balloon I used This was the balloon I used

Later I realized that exposure value equally matters with flash as with no flash. Look at the following photos.

Flash and Exposure

First one is softer and there are less shadows and I think this is very important in taking portraits.

So my little play with flash was good and now I have more things to do while shooting indoor photographs. And the main thing is, I do not need to buy any professional equipment but just keep some white balloons in my bag and little air in my lungs all the time.

Happy Photography.. :)